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Star Trek Death Rates, Alien Women, and Web Analytics with Matt Bailey


The moral of the story apparently is do not beam down with Captain Kirk unless he is going to get some strange Alien Woman. Somehow this compares to web analytics, but I sure as heck cant figure it out.

In this fascinating and hilarious video interview, Matt Bailey explains how segmenting web analytics data before analysis can help a marketer figure out what is really going on with the various types of customers who visit a website.

And that less red shirts dies when Kirk gets some.


Originally submitted by: Justin Larson

Why the iPad will change everything


The iPad will change the way you use computers, read books, and watch TV—as long as you're willing to do it the Steve Jobs way....more


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Monday, March 29, 2010

Wi-Fi by the Hour Now Available for iPad (LiveScience.com) | InfoTiki.com


$1.99 an hour huh. Haven’t any of these people ever heard of coffee shops?

LiveScience.com - Good news for people who are springing for the cheaper Wi-Fi edition of the iPad due out this Saturday. Wi-Fi service provider Boingo to.…read more...

Wi-Fi by the Hour Now Available for iPad (LiveScience.com) | InfoTiki.com


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Introducing the worlds fastest search engine and start page


Just give it a try against even our providers and you will find that you will get better faster results using our custom search engine with none of the hassles and a whole lot less intrusive advertising than even our friends at the mighty Google have.


Time for - This Week in Spying on your Neighbors

Ah, remember the good old days when only the KGB and the East German Stasi were this interested in watching their citizens with such zeal?

Story 1: The Senate hearings into computer surveillance:

A special U.S. Senate hearing is expected in Philadelphia Monday to discuss the issue of remote computer surveillance.

Senator Arlen Specter, D-Pa., said the subcommittee on crime and drugs will examine federal laws concerning remote tracking software. Specter, the subcommittee chairman, said new legislation may be needed to address webcam surveillance.

The hearing comes in the wake of a laptop spying controversy in the Lower Merion School District.

Story 2: Video Surveillance deployed inside London Public Bathrooms where you have to pay 50p to pee.

You can imagine my surprise after I paid my 50pence to use the public bathroom, walked in and found myself staring at not just one but three ceiling mounted video surveillance cameras. I had to get real close to their enclosures to convince myself that I wasn’t seeing things. Not only was it really there, but it was a Pan-Tilt-Zoom model with a microphone to top it off. Must get some great noises coming from there. It has also been reported that London officials are now installing cameras with speakers to allow them to talk as well as see and listen. Perhaps its just me, but I had absolutely no idea that this was legal anywhere, let alone in downtown London, UK. Sure I knew that London has more cameras per square mile than any other country on the planet, but in bathrooms?! How are they getting away with that one? It is appalling! Read the rest of this entry »

2010 NFL Mock Draft Version 1.0


We go into our first mock of the 2010 season having seen the complete college season, the team needs, and most importantly the combine. Now lets see how it shakes out....more

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

SportzNutz.com · What are you nutz about?


2010 NFL Draft Top 32
We do not do our first mock draft until after the combine, however as of right now these are the top 32 prospects in the 2010 NFL draft regardless of position. This is not an accurate predictor as it does not take into account team needs, but is a list of what we feel are the best 32 draft eligible college players in the country...more

SportzNutz.com · What are you nutz about?

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SportzNutz.com · What are you nutz about?


Draft point value chart

Before NFL teams consider trading draft picks, they consult this value chart. The chart assigns each pick in the draft a point value, giving teams an easy reference to compare the relative value of draft picks in different rounds

Draft point value chart


SportzNutz.com · What are you nutz about?

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NutzWorld Bargain Magazine Shop


Save big money on all your favorite magazines. We have one of the largest magazine subscription inventories online. Because we order in such high volume, we can offer extremely cheap magazine subscriptions to our customers

NutzWorld Bargain Magazine Shop

No Agenda - The NutzMedia Feed


No Agenda is a biweekly podcast hosted by Adam Curry and John C. Dvorak. Much of the appeal of the show comes from the odd couple relationship between the hosts. Adam Curry is younger and usually has more outlandish opinions of the news or world events. John C. Dvorak on the other hand is older, lives in Northern Silicon Valley, and has a more reasoned demeanor. Thus John plays the straight man in the dialogue against Adam's wackiness. Either way it is a show not to be missed

No Agenda - The NutzMedia Feed


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GamezNutz - Play Games Online


img46 Evony - Free Online Browser Game Review
Evony is an online browser game. Sign up is free and no download is required as the game plays inside any internet browser. The game is set in the medieval period (middle ages) and has grown rapidly over recent months. Evony currently has millions of daily players and is a serious contender to games such as Runescape....more

GamezNutz - Play Games Online

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The hottest girls in gaming


The hottest girls in gaming - Our Top 10

This is the latest of our favorite game girls. Disagree? Then vote for your favorite on the left and we will see where it ends up

The hottest girls in gaming


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Steve Nash is a Ridiculous Man


Hilarious ad for Vitamin Water featuring the Phoenix Suns Steve Nash

Steve Nash is a Ridiculous Man

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'24' ticks down to final episode (AFP) | InfoTiki.com

jack_bauer I for one am going to miss Jack Bauer kicking ass and taking names.

'24' ticks down to final episode (AFP)

AFP - The popular television series "24," starring Kiefer Sutherland as detective Jack Bauer, will come to an end with the last episode of this its eighth ...

'24' ticks down to final episode (AFP) | InfoTiki.com

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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

What Do iPad Users Want? Survey Tries to Guess (PC World) | InfoTiki.com


What Do iPad Users Want? Survey Tries to Guess (PC World)

PC World - A survey from ComScore tried to figure out how people will use Apple's iPad, and found the most enthusiasm for browsing the Web and checking

What Do iPad Users Want? Survey Tries to Guess (PC World) | InfoTiki.com

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Should Apple be more open? cdixon.org – chris dixon's blog

Interesting read about being open and the effect that may have on Apple re the iPad

Should Apple be more open?

January 28th, 2010 | economics, strategy, tech companies

It is almost religious orthodoxy in the tech community that “open” is better than “closed.” For example, there have widespread complaints about Apple’s “closed” iPhone app approval process. People also argue Apple is making the same strategic mistake all over again versus Android that it made versus Windows*. The belief is that Android will eventually beat the iPhone OS with an “open” strategy (hardware-agnostic, no app approval process) just as Windows beat Apple’s OS in the 90’s

Should Apple be more open? cdixon.org – chris dixon's blog

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Friday, March 19, 2010

Predators trailer now online. http://ping.fm/mOoqn We cant wait!
"Though it has its flaws, it brings back memories of Jr. High. Some good, some bad, but it's a worthwhile trip" - http://tinyurl.com/yl65sgu
"OK let me start by saying it is total crap. Let me also say I enjoyed it very much." - http://tinyurl.com/yfbacce
"The date movie of the week, a romantic comedy that men can actually stand" - http://tinyurl.com/ycdxdfl
"The best thing this week in the movies is the release of the teaser trailer for Predators, which you can watch here" - ERROR

Thursday, March 18, 2010

There are several products available right now that could easily match the iPad on value. Even Apple's own - http://tinyurl.com/yatuj7b

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"Marvel's 'Captain America' casting identity crisis" - http://tinyurl.com/yfxwakt
http://ping.fm/3yQV9 The original Paint it Black by the Stones. Last nights version on AI may have been better
Happy Saint Paddy's Day Everyone
Happy Saint Paddy's Day Everyone
Some call it St. Patrick's Day. Others prefer St. Paddy's Day. Whatever you call it, March 17 holds a special place in the heart of the Irish -- and those who just wish they were
Cancer survivor wins 4th straight Iditarod | InfoTiki.com http://ping.fm/BbQ1N
FACT CHECK: Premiums would rise under Obama plan (AP) | InfoTiki.com http://ping.fm/xXjHv

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Its Cowgirl time at NutzWorld on TaTa Tuesday http://ping.fm/On2Ea
Its Cowgirl time at NutzWorld on TaTa Tuesday http://ping.fm/On2Ea
In early testing, IE9 impresses http://ping.fm/N6eCZ http://ping.fm/Tl9l0
The estate of Michael Jackson has landed the late King of Pop the biggest recording deal in history: http://ping.fm/pvvei Makes no sense
The world does not need nor should it get a Ferrari Hybrid. The little boy inside me is crying. http://ping.fm/QMUT8
A homeowner can also back-light them to make the nontoxic panels glow with psychedelic trippiness


Steve Nash is a Ridiculous Man http://ping.fm/WfTLE

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Steve Nash is a Ridiculous Man http://ping.fm/WfTLE


If you are as much a fan as I am of comic book art,  this is a great article on The Art of Greg Horn    <a href=http://bit.ly/cF2K1w" width="300" />
If you are as much a fan as I am of comic book art, this is a great article on The Art of Greg Horn


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If you are as much a fan as I am of comic book art,  this is a great article on The Art of Greg Horn    http://bit.ly/cF2K1w
If you are as much a fan as I am of comic book art, this is a great article on The Art of Greg Horn


NFL Draft Point Value Chart

Before NFL teams consider trading draft picks, they consult a version of this value chart. The chart assigns each pick in the draft a point value, giving teams an easy reference to compare the relative value of draft picks in different rounds. There are some problems with the value chart in that it rates mid round picks far too low, as for example, pick number 7 is worth roughly the same as the all of the 20th slots picks.  That's unrealistic to say the least, but the chart still gives a good average for values overall when looking at trade values

This chart is a guide for if your team is getting good draft values for your trades. http://www.sportznutz.com/nfl/draft/draft_point_value_chart.htm

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2010 NFL Draft Top 32 Prospects

2010 NFL Top 32 Draft Prospects


NFL Draft Headlines

Scouting Report: Jon Asamoah OG Illinois
pstrongScouting Report/strong-Asamoah is a tough guy to scout, because he plays at Illinois.nbsp; They play a funky offense, and to be quite honest aren't very good at it sometimes.nbsp; So a player like Asamoah gets sort of lost in the shuffle.nbsp; But if you look close enough you can see that what you get with him is an athletic player for his size, quick and full of finesse, and does an excellent job not only in pass protection stepping outside picking up the edge but the underrated part of his game is his run blocking.nbsp; No, he's not a powerhouse like Iupati, and he's not going to physically dominate players like he does, but in today's NFL when more teams run zone blocking schemes and need more athletic offensive linemen, a guy like Asamoah could be a great player.nbsp; He is strong in his lower body and can get low and slow down the bull rush, but the one big shortcoming to his game is his lack of power.nbsp; I'm not sure he can ...
Scouting Report: Marshwan Gilyard WR Cincinnati
pstrongScouting Report/strong-If there was a player born to be a slot receiver in the NFL it was Gilyard.nbsp; He's undersized, and a little on the frail side.nbsp; But he's quick and agile and has excellent hands.nbsp; his size won't allow him to line up and beat a jam on a top CB but in the slot, with a nickle back, safety or linebacker, Gilyard will have the advantage.nbsp; He's got a knack for making tough catches on poorly thrown balls, showing nice leaping and exceptional body control.nbsp; Gilyard is a firey player and plays with great confidence.nbsp; You have to like that in a prospect.nbsp; On the downside, he's not a no.1 or even a no.2 wide out in the NFL, because of his slight build.nbsp; And there will always be criticisms of him based on the fact that he is coming out of a spread passing offense where he is able to accumulate stats.nbsp; But all that aside, he runs nice tight routes in and out of breaks quickly and is deadly ...
The Road to the NFL: Jack Corcoran's Draft Blog #6
pspan style="font-size: medium;"span style="font-family: arial,helvetica,sans-serif;"img style="float: right;" src="../images/Jack_Corcoran_blog.jpg" alt="" width="198" height="265" /My big day finally arrived this past Wed. I wasn't nervous to work out at the Rutgers Pro-Timing Day for the scouts. I was excited to show what I could do.br /br / After not being invited to the Scouting Combine, I was excited to show the coaches, general managers and scouts my abilities.br /br / Some of the scouts who attended the pro-day at Rutgers said I had a really strong workout. Here are my numbers:br /br / I strongbench-pressed 225-pounds 30 times/strong. I ran the strong40 in 4.73/strong. My nbsp;strongvertical jump was 36.5 inches/strong and my strongbroad jump was 9 feet, 10 inches/strong.br /br / I ran the strong60-yd shuttle in 11.84 seconds/strong, the strongthree-cone in 7.05 seconds/strong and did the strongshort shuttle in 4.25 seconds/strong.br ...
No CBA: Drink the Kool Aid? Try swallowing the Poison Pill
pSo free agency has begun and surprisingly Dan Snyder hasn't bought everyone. The Bears and Lions are splashing the cash and an already small Unrestricted Free Agent pool has dwindled to a puddle. I'm waiting on what happens with the Ocean sized Restricted Free Agent pool though. Back in 2006 The a href="../teams/vikings.shtml"Minnesota Vikings/a surpised a lot of people and drew the ire of many, by including in their offer sheet to a href="../teams/seahawks.shtml"Seattle Seahawks/a Pro Bowl Guard Steve Hutchinson, a proviso that the entire $49m contract would be guaranteed if Hutch wasn't the highest paid lineman on his team. Fine and dandy for the Vikes. Not so for the Walter Jones led Seahawks. For those of you not already aware, this is a poison pill. A term written into a contract that can offer nothing but pain, suffering and salary cap death if swallowed./p pAt the time, on some abstract probably long dead messageboard I hypothesised ...
Scouting Report: Brandon Ghee CB Wake Forest
pstrongScouting Report/strong-There's nothing you can say negative about Ghee when you think about him physically. No doubt he passes the eyeball test. He's got a muscular build and strength to match. The strength of his game is really the physical nature of his play. He's got no beef getting his nose dirty in the run game, and will bring the wood to whomever has the football. Ghee is a rock solid athlete, showing excellent speed and quickness, and is a fabulous leaper. The other thing you see in Ghee that you see in fellow corners like Joe Haden or Kyle Wilson is confidence. He's another guy who thinks he's the best player on the field on every play, and that he can match up with any wide out in the country. You have to love that, so long as you have the skills to back it up. For Ghee, this is the rub. As I watch his games, there are certainly times when he is just that. Whether it's zone or man coverage he is able to play up ...
Scouting Report: Aaron Hernandez TE Florida
pstrongScouting Report/strong-Hernandez is a fascinating prospect. On one hand you have a guy who's undersized, looking more WR/H-Back than an NFL tight end, so you figure him to be a nice receiving option, especially for a team that's creative. But on the other hand, you have a guy who isn't much of a blocker and hasn't shown he can run more than a couple of routes with any consistency. The real positives of his game are his ability to find ways to get open,superb hands with excellent skills after the catch and good ball security. When you catch passes thrown by Tim Tebow you better be able to adjust to poorly thrown passes and be able to use body control to make the play. Hernandez has shown he can do both. He looks very smooth and much faster than he times in the open field, striding almost like a small forward on the field. He's got long arms and is a good leaper and is much faster than you see in shorts.strong/strong/p pstrongDraft ...
2010 Free Agency - March Madness?
p"It's the most wonderful time of the year." Just the words conjure up thoughts of opening gifts on Christmas day, and as I heard one ESPN analyst put it, Free Agency is just as much fun as Christmas day if you are an NFL fan. Only two days in, and several teams have made some big moves, some are looking, and some are being smart and re-signing their own. LT is no longer a charger, something that will take the entire NFL world years of getting used to. Most of us can't imagine Tomlinson running in anything other than powder blue and a tinted visor. Strange days indeed./p pBoth owners and players are leery of the up coming un-capped year. NFL owners are worried of over paying, and NFL players are worried about under earning. Surprisingly the two teams that have been the quietest so far are the two teams that everyone expected to go nuts. Jerruh Jones of the a href="../teams/cowboys.shtml"Da href='../teams/cowboys.shtml'allas Cowboys/a/a, ...

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March 3, 2010

2010 NFL Top 32 Prospects

1. Ndamukong Suh DT Nebraska
2. Gerald McCoy* DT Oklahoma
3. Eric Berry* S Tennessee
4. Russell Okung OT Oklahoma State
5. Anthony Davis* OT Rutgers
6. Joe Haden* CB Florida
7.  Jason Pierre-Paul DE South Florida
8. Derrick Morgan* DE Georgia Tech
9. Dez Bryant* WR Oklahoma State
10.Bryan Bulaga* OT Iowa
11. Jimmy Claussen QB Notre Dame
12. C.J. Spiller RB Clemson
13. Rolando McClain* ILB Alabama
14. Mike Iupati G Idaho
15. Earl Thomas* S Texas
16. Trent Williams OT Oklahoma
17. Sam Bradford* QB Oklahoma 
18. Brandon Graham OLB Michigan
19. Carlos Dunlap* DE Florida
20. Dan Williams DT Tennessee
21. Sergio Kindle OLB Texas
22. Kyle Wilson CB Boise State
23. Everson Griffen* DE USC
24. Brian Price* DT UCLA
25. Taylor Mays S USC
26. Maurkice Pouncey* C Florida
27. Arrelious Benn WR Illinois
28. Jared Odrick DT Penn State
29. Kareem Jackson* CB Alabama
30. Bruce Campbell* OT Maryland
31. Brandon Spikes ILB Florida
32. Ryan Mathews* RB Fresno State

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The best 32 players, not necessarily the first 32 drafted

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2010 NFL DQI Computerized Mock Draft

  Team Pick Position DQI*
1 St. Louis Rams (1-15) SAM BRADFORD (JR)
Bradford has an NFL caliber arm, first and foremost.  He can make every throw on the field.  He also has an NFL caliber head.  He's a smart player who makes quick reads and good decisions on the field.  He does a good job working through his progressions and shows nice touch, especially on the short and intermediate routes.  Bradford is smart in the pocket, always looking to step up and extend the play with his arm.  He also has a quick release and is incredibly accurate on his throws...more
2 Detroit Lions (2-14) GERALD MCCOY (JR)
If McCoy were in any other draft, we'd be talking about him as the No.1 overall pick.  He's build like a cement crapper, and is as fit a 295 pounds as there is in the nation.  He's more athletic than most players 20lbs lighter, and is shows with his style of play.  Best way to describe him is to compare him to the other top DT, Ndamukong Suh.  Where Suh is power, McCoy is more finesse.  He's got an explosive first step and a full catalog of moves.  He's got great feet and hands, and gets into the lineman quickly and is able to disengage from them quickly...more
3 Tampa Bay Bucs (3-13)  NDAMUKONG SUH
I have been scouting players for well over a decade and I can say honestly, I haven't seen 5 defensive tackles who I would consider more of a lock to be a great NFL player than Suh.  He's got everything you look for in a defensive lineman who honestly could play nearly any position and in any scheme.  He's got outstanding strength and quickness, and the best first step in the nation.  I know it sounds like I am gushing about him, and I am.  he commands a double team on every play, and in most cases his quick first step, great technique and overwhelming power negates the double.  He can chase down backs and quarterbacks alike and is so smart, even when he does get stopped at the line, he uses his length and great hands to knock passes down and even pull in the occasional interception...more
4 Washington Redskins (4-12) JIMMY CLAUSEN (JR)
Clausen to me has the look of an NFL quarterback.  He's got ideal NFL size, and just watching him throw, there's little to critique.  He's got a tight, fast release, good upper body mechanics and more than adequate arm strength.  From a technical standpoint, Clausen is excellent at reading defenses and making good decisions on the field.  He knows when to take something off a throw and shows excellent touch on the short/intermediate balls and gets plenty of air under his deep throws. From an intangibles standpoint, Clausen is a leader on the field, shows a ton of poise, and always looks in control and commands his team.  Clausen plays out of a pro style offense and that is a huge advantage he has over other top quarterback prospects...more
5 Kansas City Chiefs (4-12) ERIC BERRY (JR)
Berry is one of those special players in the secondary that don't come along very often.  Going into the season I figured it would be he, and Taylor Mays head to head to be the first defensive back off the board, but Mays isn't in his league.  Berry is so smart, and just has that "it" factor when it comes to making the right play.  Whether it's sniffing out a screen pass, baiting a quarterback into a throw, or coming up and stuffing the run, Berry is always there for the play.  He plays with a very aggressive nature but it's always under control, and he uses that to his advantage...more
6 Seattle Seahawks (5-11) RUSSELL OKUNG
From a physical standpoint, Okung has that build that teams are looking for not.  Less about being a big bulky road grader, and more about being tall, with long arms, athletic frame and a strong base.  From a technical standpoint, Okung is an outstanding pass protector, able to set up quickly, keep his feet under him, and use a good punch to keep defenders at bay.  He's got quick feet, and moves really well from side to side and while he's not a dominant player, he's really consistent.  He shows good conditioning, able to play well at the ends of games just like at the start....more
7 Cleveland Browns (5-11) JOE HADEN (JR)
The more I watch Haden the more I love his game.  He's got great size.  Keep in mind I have never been a big fan of corners over 6' tall so for Haden at 5'10" that's just right.  He's got a strong physical build and long arms.  In terms of a skill set Haden is the top CB in this draft, and no.2 whoever you want to plug in, is a distant 2nd.  Haden excels in Man coverage.  he can maintain his backpedal, hips stay low, and has great instincts.  And like most Florida players, he's a superb athlete with impressive closing speed and fantastic ball skills...more
8 Oakland Raiders (5-11) BRYAN BULAGA
If I was building an offensive tackle in a lab, he's look like Bulaga.  He's tall, but has a low center of gravity, huge wingspan, and is rock solid.  Going into the season, what I wanted to see from Bulaga was his run blocking.  Because his pass protecting is text book.  He's got nimble feet, moves well laterally, and shows great control over defenders in pass protection.  He uses that reach to re-direct players and dictate the action.  he is strong enough he doesn't get beat with the bull rush, and is so smart, he does really well in assignments and picking up blitzers....more
9 Buffalo Bills (6-10) TRENT WILLIAMS
This time last year, and even up until August of this year, Williams was the best tackle in the country.  Then he put his hand on the ground, and everything went wrong from that point forward.  Williams has a huge body, with long arms, and a powerful build.  The problem is, his game is more finesse than power.  He's got great feet for a man his size, and does an excellent job moving laterally and getting his arms out and keeping defenders off of him.  But he doesn't work as physical as he should in the run game, and just doesn't play with the energy level we saw last year....more
10 Jacksonville Jaguars (7-9) ANTHONY DAVIS (JR)
Davis is a man mountain.  He's built exactly the way I would want an offensive lineman to be built.  I love that he's bigger than the typical OT prospect, weighing in around 325lbs, instead of the oversized TE's.  He's tall and has massive wingspan, and his lower body is built for leverage.  I assumed going into the season Davis would be dominant all year, declare for the draft and be a high first round pick.  But his season has been up and down, and now his draft stock and him declaring is in question.  In terms of run blocking, Davis is without peer in this draft.  He's got great strength and even better leverage and just trucks defensive lineman and the best part is he finishes his blocks...more
11 Denver Broncos (from Chicago 7-9) DEZ BRYANT (JR)
Bryant is the kind of guy that's hard for me to scout. He can go long stretches during games, and be invisible.  He doesn't push corners enough when they give him cushion, he rounds off routes and gets caught up by defenders, and he will even give up on routes.  But when he's good, he's great.  He can beat the jam at the line of scrimmage, works well in the air, and fights for the football, and is just a big game player who wants the ball in his hands at key moments.  Bryant has ideal size, he's a strong player with a great build, and catches the ball with his hands not his body.  He's excellent once he has the ball in his hands, and that shows as a punt returner....more
12 Miami Dolphins (7-9) JASON PIERRE-PAUL
I first put JPP in the top of my first round of my mock draft about a month and a half ago. You watch him play, and it seems like he has a gear that the rest of the players don't. Physically he's imposing, with a long frame and arms and you can see that he's built to put on more quality weight if he needs to. From a technical standpoint, I see a guy right now who is dominating one on ones mainly due to an overwhelming athletic advantage. He doesn't have a great array of pass rush moves, but to this point he hasn't needed to. An explosive first step, adequate power, excellent vision and closing speed are what his strengths...more
13 San Francisco 49ers (8-8) DAN WILLIAMS
-I decided to go back and watch some of Williams games from last season, because I keep hearing how he's come on so big this year and is so dominant and really climbing up draft boards.  What I saw was basically a mirror image.  What Williams is, is a great nose tackle prospect.  He's a classic wide body, with a squatty physique, low center of gravity, and legs like telephone poles.  He's a classic zero technique nose, with lots of power and leverage. He's probably quicker than he is fast, but he does make good decisions and makes them quickly which gets him into the backfield.  He's got good explosion, can beat the double team, and does a nice job finishing the play...more
14 Seattle Seahawks (from Denver 8-8) DERRICK MORGAN
Physically Morgan certainly looks the part of an NFL defenseive end. He's got nice bulk which really helps him hold up in the run game.  He keeps his butt low and head up and does a solid job engaging a lineman, and then breaking away.  He's a pretty complete player with nice while not outstanding skills at anything.  Sort of a jack of all trades, master of none.  I will say that he plays with an explosion and first step rare in a player his size.  One thing that helps him especially in a pass rush setting is he has backup moves beyond the bulls rush which for a 20 year old player is a nice plus...more
15 New York Giants (8-8) ROLANDO MCCLAIN (JR)
Each draft there is a linebacker who sets the bar for the rest of the class. McClain is that guy this year, like Aaron Curry was last year, and Patrick Willis before that.  Sort of like Joe Haden, McClain is very clearly the best linebacker in this draft.  McClain is a big thick dude, with a powerful lower body and low body fat.  He has an explosion when he plays, and an intensity that is unrivaled in this class.  There are few flaws to McClains skill set.  He is great at diagnosing the play, getting to it in a hurry whether that means shedding a blocker, working around one, or simply in pursuit...more
16 Tennessee Titans (8-8) CARLOS DUNLAP
It's not every year an athlete like Dunlap comes along.  He's got a speed/size combination that reminds many of Mario Williams. The comparison is absolutely valid.  Dunlap is huge with a massive wingspan, and is much faster than a 290lb should be.  Much of the criticism around Dunlap centers around his lack of technique and questionable effort.  If I recall, Mario Williams had many of the same criticisms.  What cannot be denied is Dunlap is a matchup nightmare for offensive tackles. and when he's on, he's as disruptive a player as you will see...more
2010 NFL DQI Computerized Mock Draft Teams 17-32

About the SN DQI rankingsThe Draft Quality Index rankings or DQI is a proprietary scientific formula taking into account the draft rankings from over 50 different respected NFL sources.  The sources are not made public and you cannot ask to be included in these sources in order to maintain the integrity of the system.  These rankings are then compared and placed into the database along with over 20 other factors rating each player based on things like 40 time and Wonderlic score, all weighted against past performances of similar NFL players for comparison to come up with a final DQI score.  The DQI score can be viewed most simply with the following breakdown:
1.000-7.500      -  Star NFL player or a cant miss prospect
7.501-15.000    -  Very good NFL career with possibility of developing into a star.  Very small chance of a bust
15.001-22.500  -  Could develop but player has at least one deficiency holding them back.  Good enough to stay in the NFL long term.
22.501-30.000  -  Developmental or specialty player.  May even be a starter but is most likely a specialist such as a pass rusher.  Most draft busts come in this range as teams reach.
30.001-50.000  -  Pure Project Player almost always taken in the second round or later.  When one slips into the first round they are almost always considered a bust.


This computerized mock draft is compiled using our own experts along with the grades from over 50 NFL draft sites, as well as over 20 other criteria to give the best overall consensus mock on the web. Here are our latest rankings

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Evony - Free Online Browser Game Review

Evony - Great online game, or online porn. Either way, the best ad campaign of all time.

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No Agenda - The NutzMedia Feed

"Crackpot" (Curry) and "Buzzkill" (Dvorak) focus on stories that you might not hear about otherwise, from sometimes opposing, but always complementary, points of view - with Curry playing the outlandish conspiracy theorist and Dvorak the hard-nosed pragmatist - though surprisingly they sometimes switch roles depending on the topic and their individual depth of knowledge on a particular subject. - A Great Listen

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Milf Monday - Kelly Ripa

Todays Moms can do it all, take care of the kids cook, clean, or in some cases hire someone to do the cooking and cleaning , but whatever, we love today's Milf's.  We can think of no one better to feature as our first Milf, but Kelly Ripa

If you think the picture is hot you should watch the videos

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50 Jobs That Are Adding Workers - Career Advice Article

These jobs are growing as fast as or faster than the national average for total employment and will offer many opportunities in the coming years

Looking through this list, many are either medical or technical in nature, and some are jobs that anyone can call themselves.

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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Friday, March 12, 2010

Finally. It's Fanny Friday

Finally, it's Fanny Friday. The end of another work week brings us to...well the end. Today's video is Eliza Dushku shows off a great butt in thong


Fanny Friday Eliza



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Water vs Coke

Water vs. Coke

A blast from the past

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Piano stairs - TheFunTheory.com -

This is awesome. What if the whole world made music

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List of Phobias

Check out this website I found at phobiaguide.com

Seems like I have way too many of these

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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thrilling Thursday - Surfer Chicks

Today we feature Thrilling Thursday where the chicks are thrill seekers of one kind or another. This week we are thrilled to feature surfing and if you don't think surfing is thrilling, check out the video at the bottom of the page.

Surfer Chick


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Squirrels in Space?

Check out this website I found at nutzworld.com The first time I saw thse squirrels feeding I nearly died laughing, they looked just like a pair of spacemen..

Cute overload

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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Corey Haim - Is anyone surprised?

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This article is about a person who has recently died. Some information, such as that pertaining to the circumstances of the person's death and surrounding events, may change as more facts become known.
Corey Haim

Corey Haim, 2008

Born Corey Ian Haim
December 23, 1971(1971-12-23)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Died March 10, 2010 (aged 38)
Burbank, California, United States
Occupation Actor
Years active 1982–2010
Official website

Corey Ian Haim (December 23, 1971 – March 10, 2010)[1] was a Canadian actor, known for a 1980s Hollywood career as a teen idol. He starred or co-starred in a number of films such as Lucas, Murphy's Romance, The Lost Boys, License to Drive and Dream a Little Dream. Most notably, he collaborated numerous times with Corey Feldman, the pair being dubbed "The Two Coreys". Haim and Feldman starred in a TV reality show titled The Two Coreys,[2] which aired on the A&E Network from July 2007 to August 2008.



Early life

Haim was born in Toronto, Ontario, the son of Judy, an Israeli-born data processor, and Bernie Haim, who worked in sales.[3] He had an older sister, Carol.[4] Haim was raised Jewish.[4][5] He was enrolled in acting lessons by his mother in an attempt to help him overcome his shyness. Haim, not particularly fascinated by acting, participated in other activities, such as hockey, playing music on his keyboard and collecting comic books.[6]



Haim first broke into mainstream acting playing the role of Larry in the Canadian family-oriented comedy television series, The Edison Twins, which ran from 1982 through until 1986. Haim made his first cinematic appearance in the 1984 feature film, Firstborn, which starred Sarah Jessica Parker and Robert Downey Jr. In 1985, Haim appeared in minor roles in Secret Admirer and Murphy's Romance and starred in the leading role in a feature film version of Stephen King's novella Silver Bullet, playing a paraplegic boy alongside Gary Busey. Haim started to make a name for himself in the industry, notably by earning his first Young Artist Award as an Exceptional Young Actor Starring in a Television Special or Movie of the Week for the television movie A Time to Live.

Haim's major break was in 1986, billed as the main star alongside Kerri Green, Charlie Sheen, and Winona Ryder in the popular movie Lucas. Haim would receive a nomination for an Exceptional Performance by a Young Actor Starring in a Feature Film – Comedy or Drama at the Young Artist Awards for his role as the title character. Film critic Roger Ebert gave Haim good reviews.[7] Following the success of Lucas, Haim starred in the 1987 television series Roomies.

In 1987, Haim had a featured role in Joel Schumacher's vampire film The Lost Boys, alongside Jason Patric and Kiefer Sutherland. The film was well received by most reviewers.[8] Besides gaining Haim more renown, the film began his famous partnership with Feldman. The performance earned him another Young Artist Award nomination as Best Young Male Superstar in a Motion Picture. In 1988, Haim starred in two more widely released films: License to Drive, a financially successful teen comedy co-starring Feldman, and the horror film Watchers. Haim won his second Young Artist Award, tying Feldman for the Best Young Actor in a Motion Picture Comedy or Fantasy award for License to Drive.

Haim and Feldman appeared in the film Dream a Little Dream. The film spawned the Billboard Hot 100 number one single Rock On for Michael Damian, with the pair appearing in the song's music video. That year Haim released a self-promotional video documentary entitled Corey Haim: Me, Myself, and I.


Haim's first film after the Me, Myself and I documentary was The Dream Machine, a direct-to-video film released in 1990. Haim co-starred with Patricia Arquette in Prayer of the Rollerboys. He continued starring in direct-to-video films, including Blown Away, The Double 0 Kid and Oh, What a Night. In 1993, he starred in a full motion video game called Double Switch, which was released for the Sega CD and later for the Sega Saturn, as well as for the home computer. Over the next two years, Haim would release sequels to two of his older films; in 1994, Fast Getaway II was released along with National Lampoon's Last Resort. The following year, Life 101 and another sequel, Dream a Little Dream 2, with Feldman, were released.

In 1996, Haim starred in four more direct-to-video films: Snowboard Academy, Busted with Feldman, Demolition High, and Fever Lake. He had a minor role in a television version of Merlin. After releasing both Never Too Late and the sequel to Demolition High, Demolition University (which he produced), he filed for bankruptcy in 1997.[9]

Early 2000s

Haim attempted to return to the industry in 2000 with another direct-to-video film, Without Malice, with Jennifer Beals and Craig Sheffer. He spent time in rehab. Haim says, "I started on the downers which were a hell of a lot better than the uppers because I was a nervous wreck. But one led to two, two led to four, four led to eight, until at the end it was about 85 a day — the doctors could not believe I was taking that much. And that was just the Valium — I’m not talking about the other pills I went through".[10]

The next year, Haim appeared in The Back Lot Murders alongside Priscilla Barnes. He became the subject of an E! True Hollywood Story in 2001. He made a cameo role appearance in Dickie Roberts: Former Child Star, a film about a former child star who did not live a normal childhood; it featured a range of other former child stars, including Feldman.

In 2002, he guest starred as himself in an episode of the Canadian television series Big Wolf on Campus.

By 2004, Haim appeared to have allegedly overcome his drug habit, after resettling in Toronto. In response to an investigation by The Sun newspaper into what exactly had happened to Haim, he responded saying that: "I'm clean, sober, humble and happy."[10] In 2006, he was ranked #8 on VH1's Greatest Teen Stars.


On December 4, 2006, Haim began taping an improv/reality show with Feldman titled The Two Coreys. The show premiered on the A&E Network on July 29, 2007. Haim and Feldman signed on for a second season of the show, which aired starting June 22, 2008.[11]

Haim was nominated for a Viewer's Choice Award at the 22nd Annual Gemini Awards in Canada for his role in The Two Coreys. He was voted #8 in the category of "Favourite Canadian" on a TV Series (not eligible for a Gemini) for his role in the A&E show.[12]

On February 7, 2008, Haim ran a paid ad in the Hollywood trade publication, Variety, stating "This is not a stunt. I'm back. I'm ready to work. I'm ready to make amends".[13]

In February 2008, filming resumed in Vancouver for Lost Boys: The Tribe. Haim reversed his previous decision to not participate in the film, but did not appear on-screen until the closing credits.

Feldman stated his refusal to have further contacts with Haim until he recovered from his addiction.[14] A&E decided against a third season of The Two Coreys and canceled it in July 2008.[15] Amid their estrangement, there were unconfirmed reports that Warner Brothers plans to release a Lost Boys 3 — with both of their characters facing off. In that scenario, Jamison Newlander would join the cast.[16][17] Feldman was confirmed to star in, and executive produce, Lost Boys: The Thirst.

In 2008, Haim joined the cast of Shark City, which filmed in Toronto with Vivica Fox, Carlo Rota, David Phillips, and Jefferson Brown, and premiered in 2009. Haim was reported to be in two films scheduled for a 2010 release: The Pick Up and SAD (Standard American Diet).

Personal life

Haim was never married. He was once engaged to actress Nicole Eggert.[18]


On March 10, 2010, Corey Haim was taken to Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center in Burbank, California and pronounced dead at 2:15 a.m. (10:15 UTC) Los Angeles police said that Haim's death appeared to be accidental and may have been due to an overdose, but that no illicit drugs were found at the scene.[19]



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NAME Haim, Corey
DATE OF BIRTH December 23, 1971
PLACE OF BIRTH Toronto, Ontario Canada
DATE OF DEATH March 10, 2010
PLACE OF DEATH Burbank, California

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