Sunday, May 30, 2010

Things that piss me off…

When I miss the call by one ring "hello? Hello!! Can You Hear Me!!" Then I try to call them back and it rings 6 times.
What did they do when I didn't pick up?
Put the phone down and run away?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Free Shakes!

Get your free shake from sonic this week


10 Ft. Gold Plated HDMI Cable for $7.99 with free shipping

image Are you still using RCA cables? Tired of paying $40.00 for HDMI cables. These are the exact same HDMI cables you pay $40.00-$100.00 for at the big box stores. Today’s Deal of the Day is this 10 ft Gold Plated HDMI cable, yours for only $7.99 with free shipping! We don’t use fancy packaging and buy in bulk to save you money. There is no difference in these HDMI cables. We can only offer this low price and free shipping to US buyers. If you are outside the continental US please add $5.00 for shipping…

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10 Ft. Gold Plated HDMI Cable for $7.99 with free shipping.

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Win for Flash in the Jobs vs. Flash War as Hulu says no to HTML 5

The internet is starting to answer in Apple’s fight against Flash, and for now, Flash is winning in two major battlegrounds. Hulu which is one of the largest video content providers in America has sided with Flash for now due to HTML 5’s limitations.

Hulu stated in a blog post on 6-13-2010
“We continue to monitor developments on HTML5, but as of now it doesn’t yet meet all of our customers’ needs. Our player doesn’t just simply stream video, it must also secure the content, handle reporting for our advertisers, render the video using a high performance codec to ensure premium visual quality, communicate back with the server to determine how long to buffer and what bitrate to stream, and dozens of other things that aren’t necessarily visible to the end user.”

The other entity that appears to be going the no H.264 video route for now is one of the biggies. Firefox can not or will not support it. H.264 would require a licensed codec to play. This poses a difficulty for Firefox, which is otherwise free software. For this reason, they only include the Theora codec, which is unencumbered. There's no plan to license and include an H.264 codec. For Firefox to do something like Chrome has done they would have to become closed-source like Safari and Chrome-not-Chromium. I don't see Mozilla crossing that big red line, no matter what anyone says…more

Read the rest on


Logitech Keyboard – $6.99

image Today’s deal of the day features a Logitech Classic Keyboard 200 for an amazing 6.99 that is way less than half the original price of $19.99.

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Get the stylish, durable keyboard that stands apart. The elegant and compact design delivers excellent performance and comfort, looks great on any desk, and saves space

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Friday, May 14, 2010

Fanny Friday – Jessica Biel

It's Fanny Friday and today's fanny belongs to the woman who may have the best body in Hollywood, Jessica Biel.

Fanny Friday - Jessica Biel

Hicks are smarter than BP, The Government, and Scientists put together

Robert E. Lee must be shedding a tiny tear of joy for these good-ol'-boys. Presenters Darryl Carpenter and Otis Goodson show how hay can help solve the oil spill in the Gulf Of Mexico

Verbatim 500GB USB HD on sale for $83.49

Our price: $83.49 Buy it now for $83.49 (List Price: $167.18) Save 50%

image Experience Verbatim’s performance-driven Acclaim™--this USB portable hard drive is one of the smallest in the industry. Compact and stylish, Acclaim™ features a sleek piano-black finish and storage capacities of 320, 500 and 640 GB. Acclaim™ is compatible with all USB connections and includes Turbo USB software and Nero BackItUp & Burn Essentials software for full-system backup and restore functions. Acclaim™ boasts special bonuses from Norton Online Backup and eMusic as well as a 7-year limited ...

Buy it now for $83.49

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Site of the Day: Internet Public Library

The IPL is an online public library featuring directories of online texts, newspapers, magazines, reference materials with special sections for youth and teens as well

Visit The Internet Public Library

Freebie: Portal

Portal is free until May 24th. No strings attached

downloadIcon  Well, technically speaking, there are some strings attached. Fortunately, they're entirely decorative. We just like the way they look, swaying in the gentle breeze created by a million people simultaneously fainting from shock at the news that Portal is free. Now you have no reason not to try Portal.

"I have a reason," some of you are probably typing into an angry email. "You see, sir, I own a Mac."

Well guess what: For the first time ever, Portal is also available for the Mac.

"Capital news! But the excellent puzzle adventure Portal won over 40 Game of the Year awards; Surely it must cost at least five or six hundred dollars."

You'd think that, especially since it actually won over 70 Game of the Year Awards. But, like we keep saying, Portal is free. Free on the Mac. Free on the PC. But only until May 24th. So you only have a few days to decide if your free copy of Portal is worth the price we're currently charging - which is you ever-so-slightly moving your index finger just barely enough to click the big green button right there to the right or click right here.

Thanks to for the great gift

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Viral: Parkour Fail

If business men boys were meant to fly

Site of the Day:

If like most of us, you find yourself eating a lot of Ramen, this site is a lifesaver. You haven't had ramen if all you have had is what's available at your local grocery store. Ramenbox has over 50 kinds of premium instant noodles to choose from. Delivered to your door.


Amazing deal $24.99 for Wireless N Home Router

image TRENDnet TEW-632BRP Wireless N-Home Router

Our price: $24.99 Buy it now for $24.99 (List Price: $79.99)

he Wireless N Home Router delivers the highest level of security, 12x the speed and 4x the range of wireless g products. Install the product in minutes with Easy-Go installation and seamlessly stream live media, download files, play games and talk Online all at the same time and with no wireless lag.

The latest in wireless encryption and a secure firewall provide the ultimate in wired and wireless security. Advanced MIMO antenna technology delivers superior range and eliminates dead spots. A quick and intuitive installation process, remote man-agement capabilities and a 3-year warranty make this product well suited for your most demanding networking needs.

Buy it now for $24.99 (List Price: $79.99)

Danica Patrick – Thrilling Thursday

Its Thrilling Thursday and today we feature Danica Patrick. Let me just say holy crap she is hot and can totally outdrive all of us. She can lap me anytime

Thrilling Thursday - Danica Patrick

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Site of the Day: Cinema Spot

This film-related resource includes reviews, trivia, quotes, multimedia, filmmaking, and reference materials. The site also offers links to new release calendars, photo galleries, bloopers and parental guides.

Visit Cinema Spot

Viral: Teachers “We're Not Gonna Take It!

A group of teachers from Bloomingdale High School gathered to poke a bit of fun at some bad habits exhibited by high school students.

Craftsman 19.2V Drill/Driver $79.99 - Deal of the Day

imageThis Craftsman C3 19.2-Volt Compact Lithium Drill offers a lightweight, ergonomic design with a robust motor offering up to 340 in-lbs of torque. Featuring a 24 position adjustable torque clutch and a 2-speed gear box, this drill allows both low and high speeds, and it is the perfect addition to any tool collection....

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Wet Wednesday – Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson gets wet as we ran across this picture yesterday and couldn't resist sharing it today.

Wet Wednesday
Jessica Simpson

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday Links

People Eat That?
10 really weird things some people decided to sell canned for some reason

Recipe: Grilled Hawaiian Hamburgers
The best Hamburger you will ever make

ASU Undie Run
This is the best reason for going to college (pics and video)

Freebie: Free Old Spice Odor Blocker
Get rid of your stank for free

Talking Vodka Bottle
When the glass starts talking, it’s time to stop

Photo: C-17 Globemaster
Badass C-17 Shooting Flares

Secret Codes You Are Not Supposed to Know
This could make practical jokes a lot more fun.

Wallpaper: Be Free
Amazing Skydiving Wallpaper

Sexy Chick Shooting Stuff - Viral Video

Heather LaCroix having fun blowing stuff up with her Smith & Wesson 357 magnum. She shoots things like gasoline jugs, lettuce, cabbage, melons and condoms full of cream.

Site of the Day: Project Gutenberg

Over 30,000 free eBooks. Consists of books that have expired copyrights in the United States. If it is an old book, chances are you can find it here.  Downloadable in many formats so you are sure to find one that works best for you.

Visit Project Gutenberg

Miss USA Pictures too sexy for some

The Miss USA Pageant is being called into question by some of their most loyal fans for posting photos some think are too risqué -- but the pageant feels they are "tasteful and very sexy."

We think they are just right here is an example, this is the picture for Miss Nebraska USA – Belinda Wright. These are tasteful pictures and the only people who could possibly be offended by these are offended by the pageant itself. This is just an excuse for them to whine.


Check out the Miss USA website for all the pictures

This Week on DVD

This week on DVD we have some excellent releases. One excellent Horror/Thriller in Daybreakers (2010), and Mel Gibson's triumphant return in Edge of Darkness (2010). Legion (2010) is not a complete waste of an evening, although it cannot compare to the other two.

These movies are all worth owning, but our pick of the week has to be Mel Gibson's triumphant return.

DVD Spotlight for May 11th

May 11 DVD Releases

- The Bandit of Sherwood Forest (Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance) Buy Now
- Daria: The Complete Animated Series (Animation, TV) Buy Now
- Daybreakers (Horror) Buy Now
- Edge of Darkness (Suspense Thriller) Buy Now
- Legion (Action, Supernatural Thriller) Buy Now
- Malice in Wonderland (Action, Crime, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Thriller) Buy Now
- My Wife & Kids: Season 2 (Comedy, TV) Buy Now
- The Prince of Thieves (Adventure, Drama) Buy Now
- Raising the Bar: The Complete Second Season (Drama, TV) Buy Now
- Rogues of Sherwood Forest (Adventure, Drama) Buy Now
- Sword of Sherwood Forest (Adventure) Buy Now

This Weeks Music Releases


May 11

    Keane - Night Train
    John5 - The Art of Malice
    Meat Loaf - Hang Cool Teddy Bear
    Taproot - Plead The Fifth
    Jessica Harp - A Woman Needs
    Tenth Avenue North - The Lights Meet The Dark
    4Troops - 4Troops
    Charice - Charice
    The National - High Violet
    Mindi Abair - In Hi-Fi Stereo
    Jackson Browne & David Lindley - Love Is Strange
    Little Fish - Baffled & Beat
    Crash Test Dummies - Oooh La La!
    Jennifer Knapp - Letting Go
    Hoodoo Gurus - Purity Of Essence

ESPN the Magazine 1 Year for $5.00

ESPN The Magazine 1 Year for $5.00

Amazing deal on ESPN the magazine. We get it because it comes with a year of Insider access which costs 6.99 a month separately. This is a fantastic value.


ESPN The Magazine 1 Year for $5.00

The Magazine for the NEXT generation of sports fans with emphasis on the personality, lifestyle & off--the-field activities of today's newsworthy &up-and-coming athletes. All delivered with insights, humor, cutting edge design and in-your-face photography.

ESPN The Magazine 1 Year for $5.00

TaTa Tuesday – Jessica Simpson

Today we feature the wonderful TaTa's of Jessica Simpson. These may be the most talked about Tata's of the last ten years…

TaTa Tuesday - Jessica Simpson

Monday, May 10, 2010

Monday Links


Marisa Miller for Harley
Like Harley’s weren’t hot enough already

Wallpaper: Carina Nebula
Towers of cool hydrogen laced with dust rise from the wall of the nebula. Cool.

Will Ferrell Gets Ejected from Baseball Game
After drinking a beer and brushing back the first batter he faced…

Picture: Rockefeller Center
A new perspective of NYC’s Rockefeller Center.

Check out the Plot-O-Matic
Have you ever sat in the movie theater and thought, "Hey, I can write a better movie than this!"?  Well, it's true

Freebie: Nivea Body Wash or Lotion
Free Sample: Nivea Happy Sensations Body Wash Or Lotion

Soy Jism – Viral Video

If you've seen the phrase "soy jism" on the internet lately and wondered just WTF is going on, here's your explanation. Some reporters on New York's Fox 5 were discussing a proposal to restrict the term "milk" to stuff that comes from mammals, not from rice or soy. If it's not milk, they wondered, what should it be called instead?
Then news anchor Rosanna Scotto blurted out her brilliant suggestion.

The other anchors sat in stunned silence for a second, until one of them said "that's an option too" and they all burst out laughing. There was no way to cover up the gaffe on live TV and a catchphrase was born.

Would you like milk or jism with your cereal?

Site of the Day: Delete Your Account

With the latest privacy concerns we thought we would feature a site that specializes in giving you information on how to delete your account from all of the major social networking, blogging, shopping, etc. sites and services across the web.

Save over $100 on this Craftsman Cordless Line Trimmer and Power Handle combo

The deal of the day today is an amazing deal $100.11 off this Craftsman 18V Convertible Cordless Line Trimmer/Power Handle Combo. Just $59.88 today only.

Craftsman Line Trimmer is powered by an 18 volt NiCad rechargeable battery. Trimmer is outfitted with a bump head that receives .80 line. Powerful dual ball bearing motor glides the trimmer through a 10 in. Cutting Path. Line trimmer comes complete with trimmer head, versatile power handle and 18V battery - the perfect start for your Craftsman Cordless Convertible system.

The Craftsman 18v Cordless Convertible system has the versatility of a convertible tool with the convenience of battery power. Handle with (patent pending) Twist and Click tool attachment - makes switching between tools effortless. Includes 18V NiCad battery and dual-bay high efficiency 1-hour charger - hold tools and charges two batteries (additional batteries available as accessory items) at the same time. Hedgetrimmer (74290), Sweeper (74292) and Pole Pruner (74295) attachments sold separately.

Includes 18 Volt NiCad battery pack, Power Handle, Line Trimmer attachment and Dual bay charger.

  • Patented dual triggers - easily flip trimmer tool to work as edger.
  • Extremely lightweight and easy to use - weighs less than 8lbs!
  • .080 diameter professional grade cutting line cuts the toughest of grass.
  • Cordless convenience equals no messing with gas or extension cords!

Get this amazing Deal good until midnight today!

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Milf Monday – Elle Macpherson

At 44 years old, Elle still deserves “The Body” tag, even after having two sons Elle remains a hot mom…

Milf Monday - Elle Macpherson

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Movie Pick: Iron Man 2


This week's pick in the wide releases is a very obvious Iron Man 2

Some actors are born to play certain parts. Robert Downey Jr. inhabits Tony Stark completely. It's not as surprisingly good as the first in the series, if only because we are expecting greatness. This movie is still good enough for an opening night standing ovation in the theatre we were in…more

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Jet-Man: The incredible flying man

"Jet-Man" : Yves Rossy (from Switzerland) is the first man ever to be able to fly, following Icaruses dream, with true wings and a jet-pack.

300 (Limited Collector's Edition) $12.99 with free shipping

300 (Collectors Edition) for just $12.99 with free shipping!

This amazing collector box is normally $49.00 and can be found on sale for as low as $29.00. We have it today for $12.99 with free shipping!



Making 300 In Images: Rapid Fire Stills From The First Day Of Production To The Last
52-Page Art & Photo Book With Personal Message From Director Zack Snyder
6 Photo Cards Of The Theatrical Poster Campaign
Audio Commentary By Director Zack Snyder, Screenwriter Kurt Johnstad, & Director Of Photography Larry Fong
Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, Dolby Digital Stereo
Audio: French, Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound
Deleted Scenes With Introduction By Zack Snyder
Dubbed: French, Spanish
Featurettes: The 300 - Fact Or Fiction? - Historians, Authors & Filmmakers Reveal How Much Of The Film Was Based On Fact; Who Were The Spartans - The Warriors Of 300 - Touches On The Customs & Ways Of Life Of The Spartan Culture That Weren't Explicitly Shown In 300 But Were Used By The Actors & Filmmakers To Help Build Their Characters; Frank Miller Tapes - Follow The Career Of One Of The Most Innovative Graphic Novelists Of Our Time; The Making Of 300; & To The Hot Gates - A Legend Retold - A Comprehensive & Dynamic Description Of The Ancient Legend, From Frank Miller's Graphic Novel To The Creation Of Zack Snyder's Epic Movie
Includes A Digital Copy Of The Film For Portable Media Players!
Interactive Menus
Lucite Display With Motion Image From The Film
Scene Selection
Subtitles: English, French, Spanish
Webisodes: Production Design, Wardrobe, Stunt Work, Lena Headey, Adapting The Graphic Novel, Gerard Butler, Rodrigo Santoro, Training The Actors, Culture Of The Sparta City/State, A Glimpse From The Set - Making 300 The Movie, Scene Studies From 300, & Fantastic Characters Of 300

Based on the graphic novel by Frank Miller and Lynn Varley, 300 takes over the screen like an invading horde. With all the gushing blood of a horror movie and the scope of a classic epic, the second film from Zack Snyder (who helmed the 2004 remake of DAWN OF THE DEAD) is an impressive visual spectacle. Gerard Butler (THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA) plays Leonidas, the king of ancient Sparta. The city is famous for its warrior philosophy, and Leonidas won't kneel to the demands of Persia's King Xerxes (LOST's Rodrigo Santoro). Instead, Leonidas leads his 300-strong army against Xerxes's army of millions. Meanwhile, his wife (Lena Headley, THE BROTHERS GRIMM) campaigns in Sparta for the city to send reinforcements as she butts heads with the treacherous Theron (Dominic West, THE WIRE).

With its gore and scale, 300 marks director Snyder as a possible successor to Peter Jackson's throne. Jackson also got his start in horror with BAD TASTE and DEAD ALIVE, and the two men share a penchant for ambitious battle scenes. The huge fights in 300 rival Jackson's efforts in the LORD OF THE RINGS films. David Wenham, who starred in two of the Tolkien-based films, plays Dilios, one of the Spartan soldiers. Though the cast doesn't boast any A-list stars, the actors ably fill their larger-than-life roles. In a film filled with men, Headley stands out as Queen Gorgo. She matches her warrior husband in strength, while showing love toward Leonidas and their son. Though there are scenes that demonstrate the humanity of the characters, 300 is undeniably about bravery and blood, and it succeeds because of the stylish depictions of both.

Buy the 300 (Collectors Edition) for just $12.99 with free shipping!

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Fanny Friday – Brooke Burke

It's Fanny Friday and we end Brooke Burke week with a bang.

Fanny Friday - Brooke Burke

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursdays Links


Suspicious Package: TSA Worker Jailed After Junk Joke

Stock Market Crash Caused by Idiot Button Pusher
Our financial system is resting on a bunch of idiots on computers

Charlize Theron Wallpaper
Who else is ready to paint her?

Russians kick pirate ass, retake vessel, give pirates a send off
In other words, don't mess with Russian ships unless you want to die.
Russia 1 Pirates 0

Free I Love Bacteria T-Shirt
A little strange, but really kind of cool too.

Amazingly accurate parody of Batman
We forgot to tell you, its for a porn version.

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Site of the Day – Where the Locals Eat

At chain restaurants, you know what you're getting. You know the prices and what the food will be like. They are also easy to find. Locally owned restaurants are always question marks. Some are great. Others, not so much. How can you tell ahead of time?

Where The Locals Eat is a good start.

Where the Locals Eat gather opinions of critics and local media, trusted friends, site visitors, and bloggers - emphasizing locally owned favorites rather than chains. They do the research for you. So, if you see a restaurant listed on Where The Locals Eat, you know it's good!

Visit Where the Locals Eat

Machete Trailer – R Rated

We didn’t think this could be real, but this is it, finally, the official trailer of Robert Rodriguez's "Machete". The film should be released on September 3, 2010 and will star Danny Trejo, Jeff Fahey, Jessica Alba, Lindsay Lohan, Cheech Marin, Rose McGowan, Michelle Rodriguez, Steven Seagal and Robert DeNiro.

More info can be found here:

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Professional Espresso Machine 64% off! – Deal of the Day


Professional Espresso Machine 64% Off - Amazing Deal of the Day


Caffe Novecento is the best in terms of style, function, durability and overall performance. The new, elegantly designed Caffe Novocento is a professional espresso machine with high class features. Combining Old World styling with the latest technology, Caffe Novocento has an entirely chrome-plated metal body and a professional brass filter holder. The ThermoCream System and 15 bars of pump pressure insure a perfect cup every time. The system is self-priming and milk is whipped with the built-in Maxi-Cappuccino device. A retro style thermometer verifies the perfect temperature for preparing coffee and cappuccino and a solenoid valve prevents messy drips

The new elegantly designed 1000 Watt Espressione Café Novecento is a professional espresso machine with high class features. Old world styling with the latest in technology. Its professional brass filter holder with a Thermocream System dispenses an intense creamy coffee like the one you find at a coffee shop, while milk is whipped in just a few seconds with the built-in Maxi-Cappuccino device. The Caffe Novecento is equipped with a solenoid valve avoiding unwanted coffee drip. Retro style thermometer in clear sight verifies the perfect temperature for preparing coffee and cappuccino. Compatible with ground coffee and ESE easy serving espresso pods, this impressive great performing machine is both easy and fun to use!

Buy this amazing professional espresso Machine 64% Off - Amazing Deal of the Day


Entirely chromed plated metal body with rust inhibitor
Powerful 15 bars of pump pressure assures excellent results
Adapted for use with ground coffee or ESE coffee servings (pods)
Powerful UL rated 1000 watt heating element
Quick warm up time-less than two minutes
Heavy-Duty Boiler with Thermo cream system
High pressure professional safety valve
Solenoid valve assures unit is drip-proof
Adjustable steam, self primed system
Large 1 liter removable water reservoir
Removable drip tray for easy clean up
Machine operates at 120v and 1000 watts
Measurements: 12” x 13” x 16.5”
Weight: 24 lbs

In the box:

Electra-Craft 1387 Espressione Caffe Espresso Maker
Chrome plated brass pod & pod porta filter
Porta filter for ground coffee w/ double exit-1 cup filter and 2 cup filter

Buy this amazing professional espresso Machine 64% Off - Amazing Deal of the Day

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