Monday, November 1, 2010

Tech News Today

Facebook and Twitter: Social will become the norm
Chris Hughes, co-founder of Facebook, says that social sites are increasingly used to distribute news. He predicts that in five years, the social sites you use won't matter. That's because everything online will be social.

Apple Hanging Up the White iPhone 4?
After admitting to yet another delay, Apple has removed all mention of the White iPhone 4 from its online store. However, it's not clear if the White iPhone is gone for good or will appear later in 2011.

Why a dumb phone and a smart tablet may be better
Why pay for smart phone functionality that I'm not going to use? Why not get a super-cheap phone that's just a phone, putting the data plan and getting the carrier subsidy on a 3G pad?

Fingerprint scanners installed in school buses
Some school districts have installed fingerprint scanners to track kids on school buses. Global Biometrics Security developed the system. It ensures that children are dropped off at the correct stop

Surprise! Your Facebook data is for sale
Facebook's privacy problems are like a centipede with footwear issues. "Other" shoes keep dropping, and there seems to be no end of them.

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