Friday, November 19, 2010

Tech News Today

Apple patches 27 Safari vulnerabilities
Apple released an update for its Safari Web browser. The update fixes 27 vulnerabilities in both Mac and Windows versions of Safari. Most of the bugs were critical and were subject to drive-by attacks. Time for all you Apple fan boys to shut up about security.

Ready, set, fall: PC prices coming down as component costs decline
Dell executives indicated that component costs fell dramatically in the last quarter and that's going to translate in lower PC prices in the months to come

Couple takes votes on abortion
A Minnesota couple set up a Website that lets visitors vote whether they should abort their child. This has an almost 4chan feel to it. If it is true it is horrible, if it is a joke it is just as horrible.

The Best Tech You Can't Get
This story is really the ultimate tease: 16 tech gadgets (including some software) that we know you'll want, but can only get if you order them through special channels or access them if you live in Europe or Asia. That's right, not a single one is available in the US. See all the products and then figure out the conversion rates before you order.

Resistance is futile: Facebook assimilates MySpace
In a banner week, the Facebook Borg ended email, played footsie with Microsoft, sent Google a Bronx cheer, and killed MySpace

Chinese woman put in labor camp for Twitter message
A Chinese woman was sentenced to one year in a labor camp. She re-tweeted a satirical political message. She was accused of "disturbing social order" for publishing the message on Twitter.

10 Ways to Boost Your Wireless Signal
No, this is not a story about how to more effectively share data with your neighbors. In fact, before boosting your signal with any of these 10 great tips, I'd say you make sure you have some good-old- fashioned security on your Wi-Fi router. Now that that's done, click the link to light up every part of your home with delicious Wi-Fi.

Air Force troubled by location services
The Air Force is concerned about location-based services on sites like Facebook. The services could reveal troop locations to the enemy. Enemy forces could use the services to track troop movement

Where to find free e-books
E-readers let you carry a whole library with you anywhere you go. But why pay for an e-book when the library loans books for free? Your local library likely loans out e-books as well.

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