Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Tech News Today

Google and Facebook battle over data sharing
Google has blocked Facebook from downloading information from Gmail. That's because Facebook doesn't share data in return. Now, Facebook has implemented a workaround that lets users import data from Gmail.

Google gives employees 10 percent raise, cash
Raises and bonuses, which apply to all of the Internet giant's 25,000 employees, are apparently intended to prevent defections to competitors such as Facebook

Instant Previews coming to Google

Google has announced a new Instant Preview feature. The feature will soon let users preview sites before clicking on them. The intent is to help avoid irrelevant or unhelpful sites

Rockmelt - How big is the threat to Google?
Rockmelt hasn't fundamentally changed the browser game yet. It does have some things going for it along with enough annoyances to keep Google from shaking in its boots too much

Hasbro makes 3-D add-on for iPhone
Hasbro has unveiled 3-D binoculars for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The binoculars allow users to view content and play games in 3-D. Hasbro as also signed a deal with DreamWorks for more content

Windows Phone 7 sees strong initial sales
Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 could boost the company's smart phone market share. Analysts expect its share to rise half a percentage point to 5.2 percent in 2011.

Windows Phone 7 vs. Android: Can you choose just one?
Windows Phone 7 is hot, slick, and new while Android 2.2 is on fire in the mobile space. Come look into the mind of a mobile mad man as I try to figure out which of these two I am choosing for myself.

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