Monday, November 8, 2010

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Bill Gates makes top 10 list of most powerful people
Forbes named Bill Gates the 10th most powerful man in the world. This makes Gates the most powerful technology leader. Apple's CEO Steve Jobs was ranked 17th. Google's co-founders were jointly awarded the 22nd spot

Microsoft's big grab for the cloud
Remember when Steve Ballmer made this statement? "About 70 percent of our folks are doing things that are entirely cloud-based, or cloud inspired," he told an audience at the University of Washington last March. "And by a year from now that will be 90 percent." It's game on for Microsoft, which is marshalling its resources for a high-stakes gamble on cloud computing

Did Jammie Thomas case backfire on file sharers?
Jammie Thomas-Rasset was supposed to become the Joan of Arc of file sharing. Instead, copyright owners appear to be the ones benefiting most from her legal challenge.

Time change throws off repeating alarms on iOS 4.1
Apple has announced a known issue with repeating alarms in iOS 4.1. According to Apple, repeating alarms may trigger incorrectly.

Is Google making a mistake blocking Facebook from importing contacts?
The stakes get higher and higher as Google and Facebook fight for users and, more importantly, their data.

Windows Phone 7 app selection: Zero to credible in short order
Microsoft Windows Phone 7 devices go on sale Monday at AT&T and T-Mobile stores and the company has done a nice job of building the app selection

RockMelt: Dumb or Stupid? You Decide
We need yet another Web browser like we need a hole in the head.

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