Friday, November 12, 2010

Tech News Today

FCC starts investigation into Google Street View
It has only been two weeks since the FTC ended its investigation on Google. Now, the FCC is investigating the search site. Google's Street View cars collected information from unsecured Wi-Fi networks

Firefox 4 beta 7 - Fast, but Chrome and Opera are faster
Mozilla have managed to up the horsepower of the new Firefox 4 beta 7 JavaScript engine, but it still has a way to go before it can catch up with Chrome and Opera

AT&T prepares for the end to iPhone exclusivity
Carrier is announcing new products and has struck a deal with an independent app store to make sure it has something to offer consumers when it must give up its exclusive hold on the iPhone.

Google and Facebook rivalry heats up
Analysts are worried that Google and Facebook will continue to bump heads. The companies have been bickering over data sharing. Recently, Google blocked Facebook from gathering data from its users' accounts.

Backlash grows over TSA's 'naked strip searches'
But security agency tells CNET that it has "received minimal complaints" in response to widespread installation of full-body scanning machines at U.S. airports.

Digital Underclass? Only if we allow it
Jason Perlow's vision of a digital underclass can be prevented, but only through the rapid evolution of our vision of what a library should be (and the support of vital stakeholders).

Samsung Galaxy Tab: iPad Rival or Handheld Computer?
The Samsung Galaxy Tab is an impressive piece of technology, but it's not really an iPad competitor

The first Apple computer up for auction
An original Apple-1, Apple's first computer, is up for auction. The price starts at about $240,000. The Apple-1 was the first computer Apple CEO Steve Jobs sold from his parents' garage.

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