Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tech News Today

The Beatles come to iTunes at last
Fans of the Fab Four can now get the entire Beatles catalog via the iTunes store. The news marks a long-time-coming, personal victory for Apple's Steve Jobs.

Son uses Facebook to find biological mother
A German woman gave her infant son up for adoption 29 years ago. Now, mother and son have been reunited, thanks to Facebook. The mother discovered that her son was looking for her after he sent a friend request

Stuxnet seems to target Iran's nuclear program
Researchers say that Stuxnet might have been created to sabotage Iran's uranium enrichment program. The Stuxnet worm was first detected in June. Researchers now believe it was created by a team of state-sponsored programmers

Google mixes local and social reviews in Hotpot
In a new crack at a social technology, Google launches a service to review businesses and find what your friends recommend. Google Maps for Android dovetails with it.

Facebook starts new messaging system
Facebook has announced a new messaging tool for its users. It says that the new tool will combine a number of communication methods. For example, it will incorporate e-mail, text messages and online chatting.

Windows 8 to showcase 'desktop as a service'?
Since April, it's been quiet on the Windows 8 leak front. But here's a new tidbit to keep the "what's next for Windows" faithful going for a bit longer.

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