Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tech News Today

The Beatles come to iTunes
Songs by the Beatles are now available on the iTunes store. Thirteen remastered studio albums and the Red and Blue collections are available. The foursome's record label has had a tenuous relationship with Apple for some time

What's on Microsoft's Windows holiday gift list?
A year ago, shortly after the launch of Windows 7, Windows 7 PCs were a hot holiday gift item. But what about this year?

Government hopes to expand Disabilities Act
The government is seeking to expand the Americans with Disabilities Act. The act was passed some 20 years ago. Lawmakers hope innovations in cyberspace and personal technology will assist disabled citizens.

Tablet wars: RIM gets aggressive with Apple iPad comparisons
Research in Motion looks like a company that has a limited window to compete with Apple's iPad and wants to seize the day with its PlayBook.

Body scanner images leaked on Web
It was recently reported that a courthouse's X-ray scanners had stored over 35,000 images. U.S. Marshals had previously said that the scanners couldn't save images. One tech site placed a Freedom of Information Act request and received 100 of the images

As Netflix bears down, Hulu Plus cuts price
Hulu Plus is playing catchup with rival Web video service Netflix and has apparently realized that the best way to compete is to offer a discount.

Online viewers still watch TV shows
A recent study examined the effect of online shows on TV viewership. Nearly 800 people participated in the study. The majority of viewers still seem to watch the same amount of television.

How much patent trouble is Google really in
While most players are playing a dance of suit and countersuit Google can only deny the charges against it because it lacks the kind of patent portfolio that would let it fight back.

Google Voice comes to iPhone
After a slew of approval battles, Google Voice is now available on the iPhone. The app supports calling and texting, push notifications and voicemail access. Currently, the app is only available in America

List says Google Chrome is most vulnerable
Google Chrome tops the annual "Dirty Dozen" list. The list ranks the most vulnerable applications. The company that compiled the list, Bit9, reports that Chrome had 76 vulnerabilities

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